Congratulations to Henry Adams on the publication of his newest book!

Congratulations to Professor Henry Adams on the publication of his newest book, The Sensuous Life of Adolf Dehn: American Master of Watercolor and Printmaking! Adolf Dehn belongs to a group of distinguished midcentury American artists who were eclipsed by Abstract Expressionism and the following movements in American art. His lithographs of the Roaring Twenties introduced a note of social satire into American printmaking. He was one of the most gifted and innovative printmakers of the American Scene movement of the 1930s and one of the most significant American watercolorists. In this wide-ranging biography, Prof. Adams asks why it is that some artists are celebrated as key figures while others, even those who created images that form an integral part of our culture, have been forgotten. In this absorbing monograph, Adams fills in what he describes as “the subterranean history of art.”