Your membership contributions enable FOA to support both undergraduate and graduate students and their research, to provide assistance to faculty and visiting lecturers, and to sponsor membership events. The Friends of Art is a volunteer organization that seeks to promote and support the Department of Art History and Art at Case Western Reserve University through advocacy and educational activities. The group offers opportunities to attend lectures such as the annual Harvey Buchanan Lecture and the Distinguished Alumni Lecture, exhibitions, gallery tours, and the chance to interact with art historians in or associated with the department, as well as with others interested in the visual arts and their history.

Current 2019 plans can be found using the events tab above, as well as on the Department of Art History and Art’s main page calendar.  Both will be continually updated. Previous endeavors have included our Friend of Friends Faculty Lecture series, curatorial tours of exhibitions at the Cleveland Museum of Art, underwriting student prizes for the Cleveland Symposium and the Friends Prize for Distinction in Art History given at graduation, sponsorship of lectures on topics such as The Cleveland Free Stamp and Issues for American Museums Regarding Nazi Era Looted Art. Members have enjoyed tours of the Rose Iron Works, The Farm in the Country, as well as the collections of The Cleveland Clinic, John and Virginia Lindseth, and Gerald and Phyllis Seltzer.

If you want to learn more about how to support us,  our leadership or recent faculty news, use the tabs above to navigate our web page.