The new Minor in Visual Design creates a path for engineering students to enhance their visual and artistic skills in a way that will be formally recognized on their transcripts. This is a five-course, fifteen-credit minor which is primarily designed for engineering students, although it is open to all undergraduate students.

The minor will enable students to explore and amplify the design potentials of their professions by taking art history and studio art classes. The minor will consist of four CWRU classes and one final class taught at one of the following: the Cleveland Institute of Art; the Studio Program of the CWRU Department of Art History and Art; or the CWRU Department of Theater. Should students pursuing the minor be interested in doing so, Art History and Art faculty members will be available to support the inclusion of art and design into students’ Senior Capstone projects; this is not a required element of the minor, however.

In addition to the benefits of visual training in the current job market, students need to be ready for jobs that do not yet exist. The best way to prepare themselves for future employment landscapes is to obtain knowledge and skills across disciplinary boundaries. Such broad training enhances mental flexibility and adaptability, as well as entrepreneurial skills.

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Requirements: 15 Credits Taken as 5 Classes

Courses #1-2
ARTH 101 Art History I: Pyramids to Pagodas
ARTH 102 Michelangelo to Maya Lin
Course #3
ARTH 386/486 “Issues in the History of Industrial Design”
Course #4
One of four CWRU Classes:
ARTS 101 Design and Color I
ARTS 106 Creative Drawing
ARTS 216 Painting I
ENGR 390 Basic Visual Communication
Course #5: One CWRU or CIA Class
CWRU ARTS 286 Introduction to Video Game Design
CIA BMA 203-303 Biomedical Art Graphics
CIA BMA 253 Natural Science + Zoological Illustration
CIA GAME 215 Intro to Game Design
CIA GDS 200 Graphic Design for Non-Majors
CIA ILL 263 Fundamentals of Illustration
CIA IND 202X Intro to 2D to 3D Digital Processing
CIA IND 235 Industrial Design 1.1
CIA PHV 201-301-401 Digital Photo Imaging I for Non-Majors
CIA VAT 200 Image + Form I
THTR 111 Introduction to Design III