2021 Lectures

March 3, 2021: Anna Arabindan-Kesson, Assistant Professor of African American and Black Diasporic Art, Princeton University

“Vision and Value: Cotton and the Materiality of Race”

February 11, 2021: Fabio Barry, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History, Stanford University

“Living Like Gods: The Late Antique Hall from the Domus Outside the Porta Marina Ostia”

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2020 Lectures

December 4, 2020: Prof. Ananda Cohen-Aponte, Cornell University

Julius Fund Lecture in Early Modern Art, “Hiding in Plain Sight: Artistic Effacement and Erasure in the Age of Revolutions”

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October 12, 2020: Robert Osterhout, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania 

Julius Fund Lecture in Byzantine Art, “Heaven on Earth: Justinian’s Hagia Sophia”

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September 18, 2020: Robert Mills, University College London

Julius Fund Lecture in Medieval Art, “Recognizing Wilgefortis”

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2019 Lectures

March 1, 5:30pm at the Cleveland Museum of Art Recital Hall
Annual Olszewski Lecture in Renaissance Art by Dr. Jessica Maier, Mount Holyoke College
In the Heat of Battle: Representing War in Renaissance Prints

April 8, 5:30pm in Clarke Hall 206
The Beautiful and the Grotesque by William Harper
Artist Talk


April 12, 5:30pm in CMA Recital Hall
The Subtle Art of Nature: Dutch Baroque Aesthetics and Collecting Practices by Dr. Claudia Swan, Northwestern University
Annual Julius Fund Lecture in Renaissance Art

May 3, 5:30pm in CMA Recital Hall
The Harvey Buchanan Lecture in Art History and the Humanities by Professor Anne D. Hedeman, The University of Kansas
Rereading Boccaccio in Étienne Chevalier’s Decameron
May 13, 4:30 PM in Clark Hall 206
Lecture by Professor Vincent Debiais (EHESS, Paris / Stanford University)
Images of Silence in Medieval Art: Visual Approaches to Theology and Practices

2018 Lectures

February 7 in Tinkham Veale Ballroom A
Baker-Nord Distinguished Faculty Lecture by Henry Adams, CWRU
Thomas Hart Benton, Jackson Pollock and the Secrets of El Greco

February 14 in Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Munich Auditorium
The Cleveland Archaeological Society and The Archaeological Institute of America Lecture by Chair Elizabeth Bolman, CWRU
The Discovery and Conservation of the Red Monastery Church (late 5th c. C.E.), Upper Egypt

February 28 in CMA, Recital Hall
Lecture by Brian Rose,
Museums, Archaeology and War

March 26 in the Linsalata Alumni Center
The ARTS @ CWRU – A Special 2 part event
Part 1 is an interactive presentation about FRONT International’s inaugural art triennial, An American City, coming this summer.
Part 2 is ran by photographer, Barney Taxel, Lecturer in the Art Studio Department, who will discuss the moods and beauty of Lake View Cemetery as seen in his Alumni Spotlight Exhibit: Lake View Cemetery: Photographs from Cleveland’s Historic Landmark.

April 11 in Kevin Smith Library
The ARTS @ CWRU, Meet the Artist Tony Tasset
Chicago-based artist Tony Tasset will discuss his work, motivations and ideas for the design of his unique project Judy’s Hand Pavilion

April 18 in CMA Lecture Hall
Lecture by Roger Bagnall
A Roman City in the Egyptian Desert: Paintings, Potsherds and Politics in the Dakhla Oasis

April 20 in CMA, Gartner Auditorium
Event by Pepon Osorio
A Lifetime of Artistic Practice

April 30 in the Art Studio
Semester in Review Art Exhibition – Opening Reception

May 2 in CMA Recital Hall
Lecture by Gudrun Bühl, CMA Director and Curator of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Housing the Body – Dressing the House. Studying and Displaying Byzantine Textiles

October 17 in Cleveland Museum of Art Recital Hall
Julius Fund Lecture in Medieval Art by Marc Michael Epstein, Vassar College
The Subversive Afterlife of Images: Implied, Ensuing Action in Medieval Jewish Visual Culture

October 26 in Cleveland Museum of Art
Co-Chairs are Jacob Emmett and Angelica Verduci. The keynote speaker will be Dr. John Hopkins who works on the development of architecture in the Roman Empire.
Annual Cleveland Symposium

November 7 in Cleveland Museum of Art Recital Hall
Julius Fund Lecture in Ancient Art by Penelope Davies, University of Texas at Austin
Ancient Art: Destruction and Defiance in Late Republican Rome

December 7 in Cleveland Museum of Art Gartner Auditorium
Christiane Gruber, Professor in the Art History Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
The Praiseworthy One: Devotional Images of the Prophet Muhammad in Islamic Traditions