Art Studio Class Paints Ukrainian Flag Mural Outside of Building

In addition to the Ukrainian flags placed around Case Western Reserve University and the campus buildings lit up with yellow and blue lights, students in David King’s painting class took artistic action, painting the Ukrainian flag on a mural wall outside of the art studio.

“I am very proud that Case Western Reserve University supports Ukraine,” David King, part-time lecturer in the Department of Art and Art History said. “Changing the mural of the art studio building was and idea that the faculty have been talking about for awhile and painting the Ukrainian flag felt like a good way to show support for the Ukrainian people.”

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CWRU Creative Achievement Award in Studio Art 2022

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Sally Levine featured in the Architectural Digest

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A Pale, A Post, A Boundary, February 6 – March 27, 2021

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Jerry Birchfield Photo Exhibition


Fall 2022 Offering:

ARTS 322 Color Digital Photography I


New Art Studio Course Offering Spring 2021

5:30-8:30 pm
Web/Distance Learning
via Canvas and Zoom
Instructor:  Kerry Richardson

This studio course explores the theories and practices of screen-based new media art.
Students will manipulate video, audio, images and code to create new multimedia works.
The class will use free, open source tools such as Processing and Pure Data, as well as
the Adobe Creative Cloud apps Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.

This class will examine the emerging culture of contemporary new media art and its historical
antecedents. There are no prerequisites. Students will need to provide their own
laptops and purchase access to Creative Cloud apps through Utech.


Georgio Sabino III, Assistant Curator Art Show 2020

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Anna Arnold

Our alumna, artist and entrepreneur Anna Arnold has presented a huge colorful mural in the Buckeye neighborhood celebrating African American history. The mural depicts 38 icons who have shaped the history of African Americans around the world, inlcuding 14 Cleveland icons. Anna received her BFA in drawing and video from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1983.


Meghann McMahon

We are proud that 2017 alumna Meghann McMahon will be attending the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Virginia this coming fall. Meghann graduated with a double major in Civil Engineering and Pre-Architecture. What is particularly notable about this is that the programs are in two different colleges; but instead of getting a minor, Meghann completed the required credits in the College of Arts and Sciences to fulfill the Pre-Architecture major. While Meghann has worked for a civil engineering firm since graduation, she realized that she missed the more creative explorations connected to architecture. We are confident that together with her engineering experience, Meghann’s future in architecture is bright.


Cecelia Price

She was selected as the Second Prize winner in the Student (non-written) category in the recent  Martin Luther King, Jr. Reflection Competition. She currently is a first year student in the M.A. Art Education Program where she serves as a painting assistant for the ARTS 216 Painting class.

Cecelia's MLKJ Reflection competition piece

Cecelia will be traveling to the Skeletons, Stories and Social Bodies conference in South Hampton UK  in March to present a paper and talk about her artwork.  She will be graduating from the Art Education program in May 2019.

Cecelia’s research Showcase Abstract titled Brushstrokes of Emotions Pins and Needles was recently approved.  Her topic Cathartic art provides psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions. I believe that all art should evoke emotions as I personally paint my feelings into each piece. When painting the portrait of my mother titled “Pins and Needles” I went through a lot of the same emotions I experienced when she left me in the hospital that night; the feeling of pins and needles in my heart. I have expressed my feelings in the only way I know how, through the strokes of my brush. I do not know for sure if I am fully successful in portraying my feelings as well as paying homage to the most important woman in my life. The accompanying series I created along side this piece was Grave Expressions which deals with the colorful landscapes, the statues, the stained glass, and even the wildlife that inhabit the cemetery. It’s a contemplative setting in a way libraries and study areas are not yet so often I hear people refer to these landmarks are creepy or scary. They are in fact places rich in history, architecture, peace, beauty and a place to honor the past. I began my first painting series also dealing with the death of my mother at Fredonia State College in New York with the Series Vida y Murtue which sprung from my fascination with vanitas. These were still lifes with infused symbolism referring to the how limited our time is on earth and especially associated with the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries. I also drew on the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead which celebrates those who have passed. The flowers were chosen to represent those important to me.

Dunya Abrahim

Abrahim was recognized as the Outstanding Student Art Educator the Ohio Art Education Association for the 2017-18 academic year.  She received her award and scholarship at the annual state convention awards dinner on November in Toledo, Ohio.  She is currently a graduate student teaching in art at Newton D Baker Elementary School, Cleveland schools and Brush High School in South Euclid.  She will graduate this May with a Masters in Art Education and a recommendation for Ohio Teacher Licensure.