Art Studio Class Paints Ukrainian Flag Mural Outside of Building

In addition to the Ukrainian flags placed around Case Western Reserve University and the campus buildings lit up with yellow and blue lights, students in David King’s painting class took artistic action, painting the Ukrainian flag on a mural wall outside of the art studio.

“I am very proud that Case Western Reserve University supports Ukraine,” David King, part-time lecturer in the Department of Art and Art History said. “Changing the mural of the art studio building was and idea that the faculty have been talking about for awhile and painting the Ukrainian flag felt like a good way to show support for the Ukrainian people.”

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CWRU Creative Achievement Award in Studio Art 2022

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Sally Levine featured in the Architectural Digest

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A Pale, A Post, A Boundary, February 6 – March 27, 2021

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Jerry Birchfield Photo Exhibition


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ARTS 322 Color Digital Photography I


Meghann McMahon

We are proud that 2017 alumna Meghann McMahon will be attending the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Virginia this coming fall. Meghann graduated with a double major in Civil Engineering and Pre-Architecture. What is particularly notable about this is that the programs are in two different colleges; but instead of getting a minor, Meghann completed the required credits in the College of Arts and Sciences to fulfill the Pre-Architecture major. While Meghann has worked for a civil engineering firm since graduation, she realized that she missed the more creative explorations connected to architecture. We are confident that together with her engineering experience, Meghann’s future in architecture is bright.