Kalamazoo CFP: “Dead Bodies, Living Souls: Late Medieval Representations of Death and the Afterlife”

Deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 15, 2021.
Organizer: Angelica Verduci, axv270@case.edu
Throughout the Middle Ages, the pious Christian was constantly preoccupied with both the death of the earthly body and the subsequent survival of the soul. The fear of dying suddenly without repenting and confessing engendered images of death and the afterlife. Speakers in this session are encouraged to investigate late medieval representations of death as both an earthly and otherworldly matter. We welcome papers that explore the flourishing of these imageries especially in rural and marginal areas, which were extremely receptive to cultural exchanges, but which have not received proper scholarly investigation yet.
The International Congress of Medieval Studies is an annual gathering of scholars from all over the world interested in medieval studies, including but not limited to art, history, literature, language, medicine, gender, and music.