Excavations at Samothrace | Graduate Student Summer Spotlight

This summer, third-year PhD students Clara Pinchbeck and Arielle Suskin were accepted to be part of the American Excavations at Samothrace team.


They traveled to Athens and scoped out the Acropolis, found Arielle’s favorite vase fragments in the Acropolis Museum, then landed in Samothrace, land of the ancient sanctuary and many goats.

Four goats sit in a landscape of cut wood, rocks, and brush.


Clara went on many adventures up the ancient city wall, while Arielle examined excavation finds in the lab. They also got to scope out many other ancient and Byzantine sites on their trip! Congrats Clara and Arielle on an amazing summer.


A brunette woman in pink pants and white tank grins excitedly while hiking up rocky terrain, a ruined wall behind her.A brunette, bespectacled woman holds a dainty conservation tool, a small slip of paper in a bag beneath her hands and blurred background.

A brunette woman in baggy shorts and tank poses in front of an "L" formation of columns topped with a cornice.