The City is Our Museum!

Students in Prof. Benay’s course on public art and monuments worked with Megan Jones and Tara Turner of Cleveland nonprofit LAND Studio this semester to create content for their mobile app. With over 3000 users, the app offers curated neighborhood tours of Cleveland’s public art and will now feature “Community Voice” and “Hidden History” segments that uplift underrepresented voices in our city. Scan the QR code to download the app!
Photo: Tara Turner, Gloria Campos, Winston Kam, Jessica Long, DavidPatrick Ryan, Emma Zavodny, Elie Stenson, Megan Jones, Erin Benay, Carissa Aldana, Abby Adams, Rebekah Utian, and Elle Wilson stand in front of Gene Kangas’, Snow Fence, the first sculpture commissioned for the Putnam Collection in 1981.