The Pre-Architecture Program introduces the student to the forms, history, and functions of architecture as well as to the studio skills relevant to its practice. The program is designed to provide a background for undergraduate students who plan to continue architectural studies at the graduate level, as well as for those interested in the study of architecture as part of a liberal or technical education.

Pre-architecture may be chosen only as a second major. The double major is required so that the perspectives provided by this interdisciplinary program may be complemented by a concentrated disciplinary experience. For a student who completes a Bachelor of Science degree (BS, BSE, or BSN), pre-architecture may serve as the sole major for a BA degree.

To declare a pre-architecture major, students should have declared a first major and have sophomore or junior standing. Up to 6 credits in general education requirements and elective courses taken by students for their first major may be applied to their pre-architecture major.

The major consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours, 15 of which are in required courses and the remainder of which are approved elective courses. Detailed information about approved electives is available in the departmental office.

The required courses are:

Course Credit Hours
ARTH 101 Art History I: Pyramids to Pagodas 3
ARTH 102 Art History II: Michelangelo to Maya Lin 3
ARTS 106 Creative Drawing I 3
ARTS 302 Architecture and City Design I 3
ARTS 303 Architecture and City Design II 3
Art history courses 6
Two of the following: 6
ARTS 101
Design and Color I
ARTS 201
Design and Color II
ARTS 206
Creative Drawing II
ARTS 220
Photography Studio I
THTR 223
Introduction to Scenic Design
THTR 224
Introduction to Lighting Design
One of the following: * 3
MATH 125
Math and Calculus Applications for Life, Managerial, and Social Sci I
MATH 126
Math and Calculus Applications for Life, Managerial, and Social Sci II
PHYS 115
Introductory Physics I
PHYS 116
Introductory Physics II
PHYS 121
General Physics I – Mechanics
PHYS 122
General Physics II – Electricity and Magnetism
Total Units 30


* For students whose interests lie in aesthetics and the history of architecture, the required 3 hours may be in sociology, American studies, anthropology, history (specifically courses on the history of science and technology), civil engineering, or earth, environmental, and planetary sciences.