The Integrated Graduate Studies (IGS) Program in Art History is open to highly qualified undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies in the discipline. By closely integrating undergraduate and graduate course work, highly motivated students begin a program of graduate study in their senior year as they complete the B.A. requirements, with the M.A. degree generally awarded the following year.

On completion of ninety semester hours (ordinarily at the end of the junior year and after completing all GER requirements), art history majors who have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.2 in courses in art history and closely related fields, and 3.2 in all courses, may apply for admission to IGS through the School of Graduate Studies. This involves the submission of a completed application for admission to the Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies (obtainable from the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, 121 Baker Building), plus three letters of recommendation. The Office of Graduate Studies will obtain a current transcript from the University Registrar. The art history program does not require GRE scores for IGS applications.

An art history or major with a cumulative grade point average slightly below the 3.2 requirement but who is otherwise well qualified in the field and can meet all other requirements may petition for admission to the IGS program.