This major requires 36 hours of course work in art history, including:

Course Credit Hours
ARTH 101 Art History I: Pyramids to Pagodas 3
ARTH 102 Art History II: Michelangelo to Maya Lin 3
Art History 200-level courses 3-6
ARTH 396 Majors Seminar 3
Art History electives at the 300 level 15-18
Art Studio courses 3-6
Total 36

Foreign language study (French, German or Italian) is highly recommended.

Departmental Honors. Majors who wish to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in art history must make written application to the department chair no later than the fall semester of their senior year. Departmental honors are awarded upon fulfillment of the following requirements: a grade point average of at least 3.5 in the major and an A in ARTH 399 Honors Thesis.