Fuse: Museum to Studio Connections is a group founded by Ariella Har-Even and me that aims to bring art historians, artists, and the institutions they work at together through workshops, collaborations, and close-looking sessions. As a part of our first series, we will be hosting an enameling workshop on January 27th, 2024 from 10am to 1pm at CIA. This event is geared towards medievalists who have an interest in learning about the processes that go into making works of art like enamel. No prior knowledge of the technique is required, and the event is free!
Space is limited for this event. Registration is required and is first come first serve. RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/3ruxa4zr.
We are grateful to the Department of Art History and Art for sponsoring this event and for the Cleveland Institute of Art for allowing us use of their facilities.