Prof. Andrea Rager to Teach ARTH 274 Nineteenth Century European Art as a May Session Course

Professor Andrea Rager will be offering ARTH 274 Nineteenth-Century European Art as a may session course this year. The course will take place on May 15-June 2 (M-F 12-2:30) and will be offered remotely with synchronous and asynchronous components, M-F 12-2:30.  Registration for the summer session opens on April 3.

Offered remotely, with synchronous and asynchronous components, this course will examine the development of European art across the tumultuous long nineteenth century, from the French Revolution in 1789 to the eve of the First World War in 1914. Adopting a thematic approach, with a particular emphasis on global exchange, resistance, and decolonial methodologies, this course will seek to interrogate the canonical understanding of this period of dramatic transformation. This course will emphasize artistic trends in France and Britain, but will also explore Germany, Italy, Spain, and other movements across continental Europe and beyond. We will explore issues of
race, gender, class, politics, economics, imperialism, nationalism, and industrialization inextricably interwoven with the advent of artistic modernity. This class will also consider a range of artistic media, including painting, sculpture, photography, the decorative arts, and architecture, with a particular emphasis on objects from the Cleveland Museum of Art. For those students remaining in Cleveland over the May term, there will be two optional visits to the museum.