Medievalists take over Athanor!

Big congratulations to Angie Verduci who just published her first peer-reviewed article in Athanor! The article addresses the Triumph of Death mural in Clusone, Italy, and is part of Angie’s dissertation on medieval Triumph murals. Also included in this issue of Athanor is the prize-winning article by our double alumna Mia Hafer, drawn from Mia’s qualifying paper on devotional import of medieval walrus ivory.
Read both articles here:
Giacomo Borlone de Buschis, Death in Triumph with its Skeletal Emissaries (detail of Triumph of Death and
Dance of Death), 1484-1485, fresco, Oratorio dei Disciplini di San Bernardino, eastern outer façade, Clusone, Italy. Photo: Angie Verduci.