Lauryn Smith selected as inaugural Frick Digital Art History Fellow

Congratulations to Lauryn Smith, PhD candidate in early modern art, who was selected as the inaugural Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library Digital Art History Fellow for the 2021-2022 academic year. As the Frick Digital Art History Fellow, Lauryn will embark on an independent, remote digital art history project, “Beyond ‘Exceptional’ Women: Unearthing Non-Elite Women’s Agency in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art Market with Network Analysis.” For this endeavor, Lauryn will apply network analysis to the Montias Database of 17th Century Inventories to uncover women who actively participated in the seventeenth-century Dutch art market. This project will set the foundation for future research that investigates the collecting practices of non-elite women in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic and interrogates the perceived gendered societal norms of the early modern period. In addition to conducting research, Lauryn will assist with virtual public programming and events hosted by the Frick Art Reference Library and Digital Art History Lab.