In Our DNA: Arts, Activism and Black Cleveland

In Our DNA: Arts, Activism and Black Cleveland welcomed over 60 people for yesterday’s event with artist-activist Amanda D. King.
Below are links to the event recording and other resources. Please visit the Schubert Center website ( for information about additional events this semester, including Anti-racist, Inclusive, and Resilient: Pitfalls, lessons and advances in research strategies concerning Black youth in the U.S., a lecture by Dr. Dexter Voision on April 21.
Link to Event Recording:
Please note: the recording begins immediately following the clip from the Oprah Winfrey show, approximately 25 minutes into the presentation.
Link to Shooting Without Bullets:
Shooting Without Bullets is a non-profit creative agency and production company based in Cleveland, Ohio utilizing artistic activism to shift culture around issues of justice in the arts and society.
Link to In Our DNA:
Visit the In Our DNA website to read more about the goals, virtues and creators of the initiative, and to see images of the art installations.
Link to “inhale/exhale” Fashion Capsule Collection:
This collaboration with Xhibition explores the theme of rising up for racial justice in response to growing racial and economic disparity in Cleveland and beyond. All proceeds support the transformative artistic activism of Shooting Without Bullets.