Design and Color

ARTS 101: Design and Color I (3)
Organizational and structural problems as a basis for the development of style. Studies in line, texture, shape, space, value, color, and two dimensional composition through studio problems.

ARTS 201: Design and Color II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 101. Composition: three-dimensional problems. Advanced work in the properties and uses of color and materials. Prereq: ARTS 101.

ARTS 365B: Design and Color III (3)
Advanced design problem determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 101 and ARTS 201.


Creative Drawing

ARTS 106: Creative Drawing I (3)
Development of graphic fluency in black and white through direct observation of nature and the model. Drawing as a means of enlarging visual sensitivity using a wide range of media and subject matter. Work from model.

ARTS 206: Creative Drawing II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 106. Advanced work in graphic representation. Development of visual acuity and a personal drawing style while working in color. Work from the model. Prereq: ARTS 106.

ARTS 365F: Creative Drawing III (3)
Advanced multimedia drawing. Prereq: ARTS 106 and ARTS 206.


Enameling and Jewelry

ARTS 210: Enameling and Jewelry I (3)
Techniques in the application of vitreous enamel on copper and of constructed metal jewelry. Technical skill and suitability of design as applied to the medium.

ARTS 310: Enameling and Jewelry II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 210. Advanced enameling and jewelry techniques applied to copper or silver, cloisonne, champleve, basse taille, plique-jour. Creative use of design principles and jewelry techniques. Prereq: ARTS 210.

ARTS 365C: Enameling and Jewelry III (3)
Advanced enameling and jewelry problems determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 210 and ARTS 310.


Fibers and Textiles

ARTS 212: Weaving, Fibers, and Textiles I (3)
Basic techniques of weaving, macrame, and textile printing. Use of natural and synthetic fibers. Introduction to batik, quilting, and block printing on fabric.

ARTS 312: Weaving, Fibers, and Textile II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 212. Development of a selected area of weaving or textiles: loom weaving, tapestry, three dimensional work, batik, or fabric printing. Exploration of an area through design and execution of a series of projects. Prereq: ARTS 212.

ARTS 365H: Weaving, Fibers, and Textiles III (3)
Advance textile problems determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 212 and ARTS 312.



ARTS 214: Ceramics I (3)
The techniques of hand building. Development of sensitivity to design and form. Basic work in stoneware, earthenware, and glazing.

ARTS 314: Ceramics II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 214. Problematic approach to technical aspects of ceramics; extensive experience in wheel throwing, experimentation with glaze and clay body formulation. Prereq: ARTS 214.

ARTS 365G: Ceramics III (3)
Advanced ceramics problems determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 214 and ARTS 314.

ARTS 399: Summer Ceramic Workshop (3)
The properties of clay, traditional hand-building forming techniques, and Japanese raku firing processes will be explored.  Projects undertaken will be ceramic vessels, sculptures, multicultural masks and musical instruments.  Individual creative expression and co-operative peer interaction is necessary.



ARTS 216: Painting I (3)
The creative, conceptual, visual, and technical aspects of painting. Style ranging from naturalism to abstraction. Work in acrylic and mixed media.

ARTS 316: Painting II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 216. Expansion of basic concepts treated in ARTS 216. Work in acrylic and mixed media. Development of personal style. Prereq: ARTS 216.

ARTS 365A: Painting III (3)
Advanced painting problems determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 216 and ARTS 316.



ARTS 220: Photography Studio I (3)
Camera, film, and darkroom techniques. Development of basic black and white perceptual and photographic skills. Darkroom and photographic field and lab work. 35mm camera required.

ARTS 320: Photography Studio II (3)
Continuation of ARTS 220. Advanced theory and black and white techniques, historic processes and theory. Development of personal aesthetic encouraged. Field work. 35mm camera required. Prereq: ARTS 220.

ARTS 322: Photography: Digital Color Studio (3)
Personal expression through use of color photography. Digital camera required. Prereq: ARTS 220.

ARTS 325: Creative Photography (3)
Creative photography through photographing and responding to photographs. The question of self-expression and photographic medium explored in the pursuit of understanding images. Prereq: ARTS 220 and ARTS 320 or ARTS 322.

ARTS 365D: B&W Photography Studio (3)
Advanced black and white problems determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 220 and ARTS 320.

ARTS 365E: Color Studio (3)
Advanced color studio problems determined in consultation with instructor. Prereq: ARTS 220 and ARTS 322.