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Dissertation Requirements

After completing the PhD qualifying examinations in the third year of study, the candidate, in consultation with the advisor, will prepare a written proposal for a PhD dissertation which must then be approved by a committee of three members of the University faculty appointed for that purpose and approved by the department chair. The student will present the chosen topic to the faculty and graduate student body in a lecture format preferably at the end of the third year of study, and no later than the start of the fourth year of study. Upon final approval a copy of the dissertation proposal will be placed in the student’s file. The department will notify the College Art Association of the dissertation subject and working title. The PhD dissertation must be based on individual research and writing and make an original contribution to art historical scholarship.

When completed, the dissertation must be submitted to the department no later than three weeks before the expected defense date, read and approved by a faculty committee of four members, at least one of whom comes from outside the Department of Art History and Art. Interdisciplinary topics may necessitate faculty readers from a wider range of disciplines. If appropriate, an additional specialist outside the University may be included on the dissertation committee. The committee members are chosen by the advisor in consultation with the student and must be approved by the department chair. Before the dissertation can be approved and accepted, it must be successfully defended by the student in an oral examination conducted by the full committee.

All CWRU candidates for the Ph.D. degree must submit an electronic dissertation as evidence of their ability to conduct independent research at an advanced level. The dissertation must represent a significant contribution to existing knowledge in the student’s field, and at least a portion of the content must be suitable for publication in a reputable professional journal or as a book or monograph. Students must prepare their own dissertations. Joint dissertations are not permitted. The dissertation must conform to regulations concerning format, quality, and time of submission as established by the Dean of Graduate Studies. Detailed instructions on submitting an electronic version of your dissertation can be obtained from the School of Graduate Studies website.

The University has a five-year limit on enrollment for students at the 701 level, which for art history will normally start in the third year of enrollment. Initial enrollment in ARTH 701 establishes the start of the five-year limit. This is a period of five consecutive calendar years, including leaves of absence, excepting leaves for military service or maternity/paternity leave. In exceptional circumstances, additional time may be granted with the permission of the department and the Dean of Graduate Studies, and some requirements may be waived. All such requests must be made in writing, no later than the semester preceding the one in which the waiver is to be applied. Students are notified in writing by the department chair whether or not the waiver has been granted or more time allowed.

Page last modified: July 29, 2014