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Spotted at Kalamazoo!

Date posted: May 15th, 2018

Our glorious PhD students at the hallowed International Congress for Medieval Studies — with Prof. Gertsman’s award-winning book and her fabulous Penn State editor, Ellie Goodman. From left to right: Nikki DeLuca, Rachel McNellis (music), Angie Verduci, Gilbert Jones, Aimee Caya.

Call for Papers! Submit by June 29,2018!

Date posted: April 17th, 2018

The Department of Art History and Art invites current and recent graduate students to submit abstracts for its 2018 Annual Symposium Built Environments and Performances of Power. We welcome innovative research papers that engage with the concept of built environments and their performative spaces, both within and without. …Read more.

Kylie Fisher has been awarded an Eva L. Pancoast Memorial Fellowship!

Date posted: March 23rd, 2018

Kylie Fisher, doctoral student in early modern Italian art, has been awarded an Eva L. Pancoast Memorial Fellowship! This fellowship will enable Kylie to travel to London this summer to conduct an in-depth study of the British Museum’s exceptional holdings of sixteenth-century Italian prints as part of her dissertation research.

PhD student Aimee Caya receives the Pancoast Fellowship!

Date posted: March 23rd, 2018

Drawn on the Eva L. Pancoast Memorial Fund, which helps women students in The School of Graduate Studies to travel abroad, the Fellowship will allow Aimee to begin her dissertation research on English brasses. In addition to working in London museums, Aimee will be venturing to Oxfordshire to explore the brasses still in situ in the area’s parish churches.

Art History Graduate Students Receive Awards in May 2017

Date posted: May 4th, 2017

Aimee Caya, a first-year doctoral student, and Kylie Fisher, a second-year doctoral student in the Department of Art History and Art, have received Graduate Dean’s Instructional Excellence Awards. These awards are given to university graduate students who participate in undergraduate education as teaching assistants and display excellence in their work and commitment. …Read more.

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