The Bachelor of Science in art education requires a total of 124 credits and is designed to educate professional teachers of art for the public and private schools who are also competent, creative artists. The program meets the requirements of the Ohio Board of Education to qualify its university-recommended students for Pre-K-12 Visual Art Specialist Licensure to teach art in the public schools of Ohio and more than 40 reciprocating states.

This program is conducted jointly by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Admission requires application to Case Western Reserve and submission of an art portfolio to the Cleveland Institute of Art. Credentials must be acceptable to both institutions. Academic work is taken at Case Western Reserve, and the majority of art studio courses at the Cleveland Institute of Art, as follows:

Academic Courses at Case Western Reserve University

SAGES (First Seminar) 4
Two of the following: 6
USNA Thinking About Natural and Technological World
USSO Thinking about the Social World
USSY Thinking about the Symbolic World
Natural Sciences 3
Quantitative Reasoning (MATH or STAT) 3
Global & Cultural Diversity 3
ARTH 101 Art History I: Pyramids to Pagodas 3
ARTH 102 Art History II: Michelangelo to Maya Lin 3
ARTH Electives (one must be at 300 level) 6
PHED Physical Education (2 semesters)
Total Units 31

Professional Education/Art Education

ARTS 295 Introduction to Art Education 3
ARTS 300 Current Issues in Art Education 3
ARTS 385 Clinical/Field Based Experience I 1
ARTS 386 Clinical/Field Based Experience II 1
ARTS 387 Clinical/Field Based Experience III 1
ARTS 393 Art Content, Pedagogy, Methodology, and Assessment 3
ARTS 366A Student Teaching in Art: Pre-K – 6th Grade 4
ARTS 366B Student Teaching in Art: 7th – 12th Grade 4
ARTS 465 Seminar for Art Teachers 4
EDUC 301 Introduction to Education 3
PSCL 101 General Psychology I 3
EDUC 304 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 255 Literacy Across the Content Areas 3
EDUC 386 Introduction to Instructional Technology 3
Total Units 39

Art Studio Courses at the Cleveland Institute of Art

Digital Art and Design 6
Design 2D and 3D 6
Drawing I, II, III 9
Painting ARTS 216 and CIA Color 6
2D Visualization 3
Studio Project 3
Sculpture 3
Studio Electives 15
Total Units 51