Gilbert Jones Wins Several Awards

Gilbert Jones, a second-year doctoral student who studies late medieval Italian art, received several grants for the spring and summer. Gilbert attended the 2019 Dumbarton Oaks Spring Symposium as a Bliss Fellow. This travel award allowed Gilbert to meet academics from across the globe and participate in scholarly conversations on the subject of processions and urban rituals, two topics that will inform his dissertation. 
Gilbert was also awarded a grant from the Comité International d’Histoire de l’Art to attend the 35th Annual International Congresson Motion. Gilbert’s request was one of fifteen selected from a wide group of applicants. With this grant, he will be able to travel to this prestigious conference, which will take place in Florence, Italy. Here, too, Gilbert will be able to meet a wide group of international scholars who are all working on processions and and the built environment. 
Finally, Gilbert was chosen as a participant in the 2019 Mellon Italian Vernacular Paleography Seminar at the Newberry Library in Chicago. The course, taught my Maddalena Signorini from “Tor Vergata,” Rome, will provide an important foundation in archival work that will help support Gilbert’s dissertation. In addition, Gilbert will have the opportunity to consult the Newberry’s rich collection of medieval and early modern documents. The Mellon program in Chicago is highly selective and only accepts fifteen students per summer.