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Creative Achievement Award

Posted on January 21, 2015

If you are applying for the Creative Achievement Award, please do the following:

Art Portfolio PowerPoint:

  • Send an art portfolio PowerPoint or PDF images of your student work (anywhere from 20-30 images). Each image’s credit line should give the name of the piece, the dimensions, the material, media, and the date completed. For example: Self-Portrait, 18” x 24”, media soft pastel on paper, fall 2012.
  • If you are showing 3-dimensional work, i.e., sculpture or pottery, you may want to show two different views, front and side, etc.
  • You may also want to choose to photograph a specific detail image of the art. For example, a close-up of the center of interest of your painting or detail from a sculpture.


  • Send a single-spaced one-page essay, citing your course of study in the visual arts. Include any special out of school activities, i.e., art camp, working as a teaching assistant doing creative activities, or private art lessons. In this essay, describe both your junior high and high school art experiences, courses that you took, and subjects that you studied.

Program of study:

  • A separate, single-spaced, one-page essay of what you hope to gain participating in our program in Art History and Art. You may want to consult the Art History and Art website for courses that are available for you to take.

Please email all documents to Tim Shuckerow, Director, Art Education/Art Studio at with the subject Art Studio Creative Achievement Award. The deadline is Friday, February 6, 2015.






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